How Can We Help You?


Are you seeking partners who can help you build strong organizational infrastructures? The Reisa Group would like to partner with you in that effort by providing you with quality and timely retained search and referencing services.


Many non-profit organizations and for-profit companies throughout the United States use our retained search services to find candidates who not only fit the qualifications required of the position but also fit their culture. These same organizations use our referencing services to ensure that candidates have demonstrated their ability to perform the tasks that will be required but will also fit the culture of our client organizations.


Our clients include:


Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International  -  Care Net  -  Center for Arizona Policy  -  Chick-fil-A  -    Emerald Youth Foundation  -  Family Policy Alliance of Kansas  -  Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota  -  Family Policy Council of West Virginia  -  Family Policy Alliance Headquarters  -  Fellowship Christian Academy  -  Foundation for Healthy Relationships  -  Georgia Family Council  -  Good Shepherd Alliance  -  Hagar USA  -  Impact 360  -  Knox Area Rescue Ministries  -  LifeShape  -  Manhattan Declaration  -  Man In The Mirror  -  Massachusetts Family Institute  -  Minnesota Family Council  -  Neighborhood Ministries  -   Prison Fellowship  -  Prison Fellowship International  -  Personal Strengths Publishing  -  Ravi Zacharias International Ministries  -  ResultSource  -  Scottsdale Christian Academy  -  Taylor Morrison Homes  -  Urban Promise - Whitefield Academy  -  WinShape Foundation  -  World Hope International






Our Values

  • We are in business to serve our clients and our attitude conveys this always.

  • We have built and will continue to build a reputation of honesty, integrity, and fairness in dealing with all of our clients.

  • Our team members find satisfaction and enjoyment in their work. This provides for added value in our services.

  • Every team member at The Reisa Group has something valuable to contribute. No member is more important than another, and everyone needs each other.