The Reisa Group offers retained search and referencing services


for all levels of positions including Chairman of the Board, CEO, CIO, CMO, CAO, CFO, President, Executive Director, Executive and Senior Vice President, Vice President, Headmaster, Director, Manager, Administrator, Accountant, Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Bookkeeper, Receptionist, and many others.


“smorgasbord” style. Some of our clients just want us to phone interview and reference candidates they have found through their own recruiting efforts. Others might want us to place ads and screen resumes and send them the resumes of individuals that appear to be the best fit. Others want help in writing the position description, writing the ads, placing the ads, screening the candidates (by email and a phone interview) and referencing the final candidates. Others just want us to reference candidates. You pick and choose what you want.


at a very reasonable hourly rate.


Retained Search


Before we embark on any search, the first step is an in-depth discussion with key client stakeholders to gain a full understanding of the company’s business, culture, goals, needs, the position to be filled and the experience and background required.


Then our clients choose which options they want from our “smorgasbord of services”:


• Write the final position description
• Write ads
• Write a flyer to distribute to key constituents
• Place ads
• Screen and acknowledge resumes
• Send a pre-screen email questionnaire to individuals who appear on paper to be a good match
• Phone interview candidates who appropriately answer email questions
• Present documentation to client about a candidate we feel could be a great fit … resume, cover letter, answers to email questions and notes of the conversation with the candidate
• Conduct referencing for final candidate/s
• Initiate background check … confirmation of degree/s, driving and criminal records.


Our commitment is to find the right people for our clients who will add value to their organizations. Our placements enjoy exceptional tenure and continued advancement within our clients’ organizations because we concentrate on making sure the person matches the position requirements and will fit the client culture.




Our clients provide us with a candidate’s


• Resume and/or application
• A list of key reference contacts, the association with the candidate, email address and phone number
• Position description
• Comments about any concerns to be addressed with references


We then engage in conversations with references (bosses, subordinates, peers, clients, colleagues, professors, friends) and ask questions that are customized to gain the knowledge each reference would have about the candidate.


Finally, we provide our clients with written documentation of our questions and the answers provided by the reference.






  • "The Reisa Group [is committed] to thoroughly referencing each candidate."
    -Vice President, HR, Chick-fil-A

  • "I can't imagine hiring anyone without your services."
    -Chairman of the Board, Foundation for Healthy Relationships

  • "We really benefited from your experience in interviewing candidates."
    -VP, Finance and Administration, Center for Arizona Policy